Mapping environmental conflicts and cooperation


Documentation Factbook

The documentation of the ECC Factbook consists of several parts:

Throughout the factbook - on the conflict factsheets, the worldmap of conflicts and the tabular view of conflict cases - you find mouse-overs that serve to explain specific features, graphics, and functionalities. They appear when you hover over graphical objects (such as resource symbols) or when hovering over the gray information symbol pictured below.

The comprehensive documentation collected here has several sections:

  • A tutorial section that answers questions on how to get started and how to use this tool. Everything you need to know for using the tool.
  • A section on use cases that collects ideas and suggestions on how can one use this tool.
  • A detailed guide on filtering that shows, with examples, how to use the multitude of filtering options in the map and tabular view.
  • Two detailed FAQs give detailed answers to frequently asked questions about the factsheets and the worldmap, respectively. Useful background for a deeper understanding of our choices regarding data, categories, and visualisations.
  • background section explaining the rationale of this tool, what we are trying to communicate and - at least equally important - what we are not saying. This gives a more general background on the aims of this project and tool.